Andrew Johnson & Co works in partnership with Ashby Associates mortgage and protection advisers.

At Ashby Associates we want to make sure that when you find your dream home, you’re in the best possible position to go it!

That’s why we developed our early advice process. This is what we do;

Get to know you;

We will spend time getting to know you, what you need and what you want from your mortgage.

Get organised;

We will provide you with a comprehensive list of documents (payslips, bank statements etc.) so you can start to dig out what you will need for your application.


There are thousands of mortgage products out there. Using specialist systems, and lots of experience, we will take the time to research deals, including many exclusives, to find the best product to fit your situation.

Deposit planner;

We will show you the full break down of the cost of buying and selling your property, and calculate the deposit funds you will need so there are no surprises.


When we have researched and pinpointed the best product for you, we can tell you how much it will cost each month. We will work with you to agree a personalised budget which is affordable now, and in the future

Agreement in principal;

We will approach a lender on your behalf and get a mortgage agreement in principal which means that you can look at houses confidently, knowing that a lender has assessed your credit file and offered you a mortgage, subject to a full application.


All the early work pays off when you get your offer accepted and it comes to your mortgage application. A well-researched, well packaged mortgage application has the best possible chance of being accepted quickly and without delay, which is what you really want when you find your dream home!

We’ll take care of your application, and support you right up until you pick up your keys and beyond, as your circumstances change in the future.

It might not be quite as exciting as buying your home, but because we’re a responsible broker, we’ll take care of your Buildings & Contents and Life insurance too.

For further information, please feel free to contact Ashby Associates on the contact form below or alternatively contact Andrew Johnson and Company on 01530 410 930!


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